Coaching Requirements for 2022

1. Coaches must attend the MASO/MPA Coaches Course on Tuesday, August 9, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom. The link to the meeting is https://rsu3- A coach from each team by gender offered at the school must attend this meeting or certify through the Athletic Administrator that they have made up the class, if it is not attended on August 9, 2022.
2. Each coach must complete the NFHS “Concussion in Sport – What You Need to Know” video that is available at the NFHS website (
3. Each coach must complete the NFHS “A Guide to Heat Acclimatization and Heat Illness Prevention” video that is available at the NFHS website (
4. Each coach must complete the NFHS “Sudden Cardiac Arrest” video that is available at the NFHS website (
5. *Each coach must complete the NFHS “Covid-19 for Coaches and Administrators” video that is available at the NFHS website (
6. It is recommended that all team participants complete the “Sportsmanship” course available at ; and Captains take the “Captains Course” available at

New Coaches – Fall 2022

Welcome to the following new coaches for the Fall 2022 Season. On the Girl’s side: Phil Turmelle, Brewer; Kirk Soule, Messalonskee; Griffin Conlogue, Mt. Blue; Meg Martinson, Marshwood; Tatyana Wolterbeek, Noble; Matt Bernstein, Portland; Adam Nye, Westbrook; Kali McCarthy, Belfast; Victoria Fowler, Cony; Ben Johnson, Falmouth; Nate Gorman, Oceanside; Peter Webb, Lake Region; David Beauegard, Morse; Matt Shiels, Wells; Juli Perry, George Stevens Academy; Kelton Rose, Mattanawcook Academy; Molly McGinn, Penquis Valley; Meranda Hunt, Piscataquis; Mark Tinkham, Hall-Dale; Kaitlyn Virgin, Mountain Valley; Leslie Fox, Sacopee Valley; Molly Kingsbury, Central Aroostook; Gina Yeo, East Grand; Chris Condon, Fort Fairfield; Amanda Thompson, Schenck/Stearns; Jessica Nye, Southern Aroostook; Jarrod Carnrick, St. Dominic; and Billie Hatfield, Valley. On the Boy’s side welcome to: Dakota Duplissie, Bonny Eagle; Rob Koerner, Noble; Evan Richards, Caribou; Andrius Zeikus, Hermon; Max Mason, MDI; Brandon Fuller, Nokomis; Colby Clarke, Waterville; Jeff Burroughs, Lincoln Academy; Ryan Greenlaw, Leavitt; Josh Kennison, Poland; Richard Terwilliger-Smith, Wells; Mark Hundhammer, George Stevens Academy; Kerry Skepple, Houlton; Jay Murano, Penquis Valley; Austin Mason, Sumner; Dylan Cayer, Mountain Valley; Timothy Tarr, Ashland; Carl Mullen, Central Aroostook; Shawn Johnson, Jonesport-Beal; Juan Morales, MSSM; Ryan Pelletier, Southern Aroostook, and Carrington Miller, Temple Academy. Returning to coaching on the girls side this fall are Wally LeBlanc, Kennebunk; Glenn Graef, Foxcroft Academy; Ed Worcester, Waterville; and Glen Condon, Washburn. On the Boys side returnees are Nate Bean, Kennebunk; Jeff Neal, Windham; Mark Shea, Washburn; Matt Lindsay, Mattanawcook Academy; Scott White, Telstar; Michael MacLeay, Traip Academy, and Lou Reycroft, Vinalhaven. Tyler Frank has moved from the MDI Boys to the Girls, Cody Tompkins has moved from Fort Fairfield to the Caribou Girls, Zac Conlogue has moved from Leavitt to Mt. Blue Boys, Bill Puffer has moved from Noble over to Sanford Boys, Mark Ensworth has moved from GSA to Ellsworth Boys, Michael Rowe from Mattanawcook to the Foxcroft Academy Boys, and John Ala has returned to the Fort Fairfield Boys, Branden Noltkamper has moved from the Morse girls to the North Yarmouth Academy boys, and Andrew Pelletier has moved from the Falmouth girls to the St. Dom’s boys. Currently that is 69 changes.

If I have omitted anyone please let me know.

By Michael Jeffrey

2022 NFHS Soccer Rules Changes




By NFHS on March 03, 2022

4-2-2: The change clarifies that hair adornments, such as beads, may be worn in the hair if they are secured to the head and do not present a risk of injury to the player, teammates or opponents.
Rationale: Clarifies that hair adornments can be worn in the hair if they do not endanger other players as well as being more inclusive of participants’ cultural and religious beliefs.

7-1-3: State association may adopt procedures to require the game be played in its entirety.
Rationale: This allows states that may require the game to be played in its entirety (for post-season or regular season seeding play), to do so without a conflict with the current rule.

10-1-2f, 10-1-1, 10-1-3h (NEW): Clarifies that a player cannot score by throwing the ball into the goal.
Rationale: Defined the outcomes on a goalkeeper’s throw when throwing the ball directly or own goal.

12-2, 11-1-1. 18-1-1s (NEW): Clarifies the upper boundary of the arm is in line with the bottom of the armpit.
Rationale: Defines the arm for the purposes of determining handling and offside.

14-1 Penalty: Defines that an indirect free kick is awarded the defending team for an improper penalty kick.
Rationale: Penalizes the kicking team for not kicking the ball forward on penalty kick.

17-1-2: Defines proper distance for the opposing team from a corner kick restart.
Rationale: Clarifies the proper distance for the opposing team on a corner kick.

2022 Editorial Changes
4-1-1, 11-1-4b 2022

Points of Emphasis

  1. Strategic Time Wasting Techniques
  2. Penalty Kick
  3. Dissent
  4. Sportsmanship

United Soccer Coaches 2023 National Convention in Philadelphia, PA – January 11 – 15

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